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Who We Are?
We are the official B2B commercial operatolr designated by Alibaba International Station, with over 2000 direct cooperation factories supply chain.
Send samples
● If you provide your product price and specifications, our factory will conduct the sample testing, carry on the selection and repackage process, and then you can get it inspection quality within 3-7 days at the earliest.
Production quality control

● After you send us a purchase order, Easy Dropshipping will coordinate the order with the factory to ensure delivery, monitor the production process, and conduct product inspections to ensure compliance with quality standards.
Worry-free Storage
● Free warehousing, with a capacity of 20,000 packages per day.
● Easy Dropshipping will provide direct shipping from China to Amazon FBA or third-party warehouses around the world with a very low cost. You can choose air or sea transportation according to different situations.
Packaging customization service
● Support packaging customization, global routes cover one-piece delivery, label and package are in accordance with Amazon warehouse and FBA standards.
After-sales service team
A trouble-free business
About Us
"China's largest B2C Internet operation service
provider — factory integration with more than 5,000
foreign trade supply capabilities and rapid delivery capabilities for 100,000 conventional products, meanwhile, real-time inventory updates"
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